Apple adds iPhone 5C to in-store display repairs line


Starting Monday, Apple is fixing cracked screens of its new “budget” phone- iPhone 5C in-store at its various retail outlets for $149.

Apple started offering in-store screen repairs for its iPhone 5 handsets in June. However, the company’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 4S devices have not yet been permitted in-store repair service.

The entire screen changing process is expected to take only near about one hour in any U.S. Apple retail store. Advanced display calibration machines will be used by technicians to ensure a perfect fit.

Before Monday, customers’ phones were shipped off to an off-site repair center to get cracked screens fixed, costing customers near about $229. An Apple Store employee confirmed that they have begun offering iPhone 5C screen replacements from Monday, reported CNNMoney.

Apple had released the iPhone 5C as a lower-cost smartphone in September last year. Its seems like Apple’s decision to offer in-store repairs has been taken taking into consideration following the rising popularity of third-party repair services which though are cheaper can void the devices’ warranty.

There are also rumors that the service program will soon find its way into Apple’s U.K. retail outlets. The news is though yet to be confirmed by the iPad maker.