LogMeIn: No more free service


LogMeIn, the famous remote computer access software company, has cancelled its free service starting today.

LogMeIn, through an email alert and an official blog post on Tuesday, revealed that it has begun migrating users from the decade-old LogMeIn app to a single premium-access product, LogMeIn Pro. Existing users who were using the software’s free version will be given a seven days from their next login to upgrade to the subscription version, LogMeIn Pro.

LogMeIn, allows users to remotely access content from their PCs via their iPhone or iPad. The company’s premium product LogMeIn Pro has been also integrated with other cloud services, including Cubby, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive, the post said.

Tara Haas from LogMeIn wrote in the blog post, “After 10 years, LogMeIn’s free remote access product, LogMeIn Free, is going away.”

“We will be unifying our portfolio of free and premium remote access products into a single offering. This product will be a paid-only offering, and it will offer what we believe to be the best premium desktop, cloud and mobile access experience available on the market today.”

The decision will also affect LogMeIn Ignition, the company’s paid app, which is available on Android for AU$28.57 and on iOS for AU$139.99. App users will no longer be able to use the apps for free as the apps have been removed from their respective marketplaces.

Free users willing to use the LogMeIn software will have to upgrade their subscription to Pro to use it. Individual users with up to two computers will be charged US $49, power users with up to five computers will be charged US $249 and small businesses using up to 10 computers will be charged US $449 for using the software.

LogMeIn said that it was taking the step “in order to address the changing needs of our customers”.