Microsoft has approved an update to Kraken app for Windows Phone 8 that adds Bitcoin trading capabilities to the app making it the first ever app on the platform to have such a feature, as claimed by its developer.

When initially launched, Kraken didn’t have Bitcoin trading feature, but only allowed its users to view live rates of various cryptocurrencies. The app also allowed users to configure a live tile that showed the latest rate for any cryptocurrency pair.

The developer of the app Leon Cullens then released a couple of updates to the app. The first update allowed users to view their Kraken balance, view open and closed orders while also allowing them to close any open orders. The second update incorporated the ability to open new trades directly from the app itself. Both the updates were approved by Microsoft and the app is currently live.

Cullens says that this is a major news because “Nobody really knew what Microsoft’s stance on bitcoin trading apps was before today, but by approving my app they have shown that they’re not boycotting Bitcoin.”

“That’s a huge endorsement in my opinion”, adds Cullens.

  • jimbit

    Apple should take note of this…. my next mobile device will NOT be an apple product!

  • freedom4citizens

    Great job Microsoft, definitely wrong-footing Apple for once.

  • Some User

    Why is this post claiming that this is the first app to allow trading on the platform? We already had great bitcoin trading apps on WP for a long while. What kind of coverage is this?