Mozilla has announced a range of new features in the Aurora channel including Firefox accounts, an update to its Sync feature and feature that allows users to further customise their browsers.

Firefox Accounts allows users to store their bookmarks, passwords and history and sync them across various devices. The feature is also a part of the Firefox OS and is a direct product of Mozilla’s programs set up last year that sought to make things more accessible in the cloud.

Mozilla’s Mark Mayo said in a blog post, “Today, we’re introducing Firefox Accounts as a safe and easy way for you to create an account that enables you to sign in and take your Firefox with you anywhere. With Firefox Accounts, we can better integrate services into your Web experience, like the new Firefox Sync.”

Users did have the option of synchronising browsing data including bookmarks, history, open tabs and even passwords across multiple devices, but Mozilla acknowledged that the feature wasn’t easy to setup. With the new and improved Firefox Sync feature, Mozilla has made the setup process easy while also incorporating enhanced levels of security by incorporating end-to-end encryption, client side key stretching, BrowserID protocol and a public key cryptography.

In addition to these features, Firefox Aurora has also received a number of improvements including a newly redesigned user interface – Australis for the familiar look of Firefox across all platforms that also allows users to customize their browser.