PlayStation 4 Japan launch sees Sony sell 322,083 units in two days


Sony managed to sell over 322K units of PlayStation 4 gaming console in Japan during the opening weekend.

If the latest launch is compared with that of the PlayStation 3, Sony has had a huge success considering that PS3 sold just 88,400 units in first two days. Wii U sold an equally impressive 308,570 units in Japan during first two days of its launch in the country.

Just last week Sony announced that it sold 5.3 million units of PlayStation 4 globally and add to that the Japanese sales numbers and we have a new sales figure for the gaming console – 5.6 million units.

Sony has already surpassed its current fiscal target and further details of exact details across the globe will be likely be revealed in May when the company announce its financial results for the fiscal year.

With 3.9 million units of Xbox One shipped to retailers in 2013 Microsoft hasn’t managed to match the sales figures of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and that could be one of the reasons that Redmond has announced price cut for the console in the UK.

[Source: Famitsu]