OpenX unveils Native OlX – its mobile-first global real time bidding exchange


OpenX Technologies, the Ad tech giant, today unveiled Native O|X, the first global, real-time Bidding (RTB) exchange for mobiles at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

The new exchange will offer a combination of three of the most popular trends in the industry: mobile-first, real-time bidding and native advertising. This means that the exchange will help app and game developers and publishers to earn more money by allowing for automatic and fast insertion of ads into content, such as an app or a game.

Native advertising will allow for a more contextual display of ads found on mobile sites and apps making sure that the advertisements fits in properly with a publisher or developer’s existing content.

Native ads in games like the one that appears after a player completes a level or in form of a game character asking if the player would like to try another game, or perhaps buy any other virtual goods with real money to accomplish a task in the next stage are becoming very much popular among players as they see them as useful rather than a nuisance.

Native O|X also offers premium brands the ability to bid on in-stream ad units within an exclusive private environment. The new exchange offers publishers and application developers’ access to around 300 pre-screened, multi-screen demand partners that will have access to the available inventory.

Launch partners for the new exchange include IconApps, Tagged, Run, Mediasmart, and Celtra.