Redesigned Zynga Poker offers personalised experience, immersive social gameplay


Zynga has released a redesigned version of its most popular game Poker by incorporating player photos, immersive social gameplay that offers personlised experience.

“More than 350 million of you have played our Poker game since its launch and we have been hard at work listening to your feedback and turning it into the New Zynga Poker, a mobile-first game with more personalized gameplay, lightning fast performance and sophisticated design”, notes Zynga COO Clive Downie in a blog post.

With the redesign, Zynga claims to be going back to its roots, which is all about social gameplay allowing users to connect to their friends and join them on Poker tables easily and quickly.

Zynga notes that the redesign is a result of customer demands who wanted a more realistic and elegant interface – something that feels like a real casino.

The updated version of Poker will automatically put players on tables according to their skill levels matching their preferences and comfort levels.

The new interface gives up on the cartoons and instead adopts a more modern day casino look and feel with red and gold colours. The lobby has been redesigned with colour coded icons that will allow users to make choices easily – be it Texas Hold’Em or a Shootout Tournament.

“The game is delightfully responsive and with every tap, touch or swipe is loaded with dynamic audio that feels and sounds like a real casino floor”, notes Zynga.