Samsung and Google have voiced concerns with the Chinese regulators over impending Microsoft, Nokia deal, a new report claims.

According to Bloomberg Samsung and Google have joined local vendors in China to say that Nokia’s acquisition could give Microsoft a huge advantage over rivals and it could put competitors in trouble considering the vast patent portfolio that Nokia holds.

We would like to remind our readers that Microsoft-Nokia deal doesn’t involve the patent portfolio; however, rivals including Samsung and Google are concerned that after the acquisition Microsoft will be in a position to dictate terms of the patent licensing fees, which could end up hurting the competition.

Microsoft rivals had voiced similar concerns in the EU while the deal was under review. The EU provided its regulatory approval without any condition, but stated that it would closely watch Nokia’s licensing and ensure that it remains within legal constraints.

Currently the Microsoft-Nokia deal is under regulatory review in China and according to Bloomberg sources the deal may be approved soon.

Windows Phone share is projected to reach 7 percent globally by 2018 while Android’s share is slated for a decline during the next four years if the smartphone sales continue with current trend.

However, chances are that Microsoft-Nokia deal my rejuvenate Redmond’s will to flood the market with Windows Phone devices evenly spaced out in every segment depending on the region, which could give it a dominance in emerging markets including China, India and the entire south-east Asia.