GTA V could make a triple appearance on PS4, Xbox One and PC in June


We have been hearing a lot of chatter on the web about the possible release of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V for PC sometime in the first half of 2014, but new listings on Poland and German online retail sites now peg a PS4 and Xbox One launch of GTA V as well.

Worten, a Portugese online store, is allowing users to pre-order a PS4 version of the game right now and is also promising availability in 2-3 days.

German retail site is listing GTA V with Steam keys and we believe it is for PC version. has had it on sale for over three weeks now and is promising delivery of keys in a couple of days or on launch day.

Supergamer, a Czech site, has also added fuel to the GTA V fire and has heightened speculations that the game is launching for Xbox One alongside PS4 on June 13.

Amazon listed a PC version of GTA V earlier this year for €59.99, but the listing was soon taken down.

All there listings are to be taken with a grain of salt considering that Rockstar and Take Two Interactive have been tight-lipped about their plans on releasing the game for the new consoles and PC.