Facebook Messenger finally lands on Windows Phone 8


Microsoft announced during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 that Facebook Messenger would soon be landing on Windows Phone 8. That indeed happened today and now the messaging app can be downloaded from Windows Phone Store.

The availability was confirmed by Facebook with a tweet on Twitter which read “Messenger for Windows Phone is now available for download.”

The Facebook Messenger, which will only support Windows Phone 8 devices, will come with nearly all the features already available on other platforms such as iOS and Android, except voice messaging, and chat heads features.

The messenger app will allow users to check their messages without having to open Facebook. With the messenger, users will be able to check who’s online for a private or group chat, who’s using Messenger, who’s active on Facebook, send a private message, share statuses, pictures and stickers.

Users can also share their location with others so that people can know where exactly they are. All the user’s Facebook friends and contacts will be automatically added to the People Tab. Users can import new contacts as well.

[Source: Windows Phone Blog]