Apple iPhone 5C stocks piling up; inventories stand at 3 million units


Apple iPhone 5C didn’t manage to sell as well as its predecessors or its high-end TouchID equipped iPhone 5S so much so that Cupertino even stopped placing orders for the handset and now new reports claim that inventories of the plastic iPhone stand at 3 million units.

According to members of Apple’s upstream supply chain, ODM Pegatron Technology currently holds 2 million iPhone 5C units while 1 million units are scattered across the globe with Apple’s telecom partners, distributes and retailers.

These numbers are staggering for the fact that despite selling record breaking 51 million units in the final quarter of 2013 Apple still has 3 million iPhone 5C at hand.

It is speculated that the two primary reasons why iPhone 5C didn’t sell well including the higher price point as compared to smartphones from other vendors and the smaller 4-inch screen, which by today’s standards, is pretty small.

Apple hasn’t confirmed these numbers, but it is widely believed in its supply chain that Cupertino will learn from its mistakes and will not continue such goof-ups in 2014 and onwards.

[Source: DigiTimes]