McAfee Releases Enhanced Mobile Security


mcafee mobile securitySecurity software experts, McAfee, have released a significant update to the mobile version of their security suite. The software comes in form of an App and is available on smartphones and tablets based on Google’s popular Android operating system. The application is designed to conceal and protect any personal information that users may have hidden on their devices.

The main feature affected in this overhaul is ‘App Lock’ which is designed to protect users against malicious apps that work to steal information off a device without the user necessarily ever knowing. The app implements this by enforcing PIN code verification for apps. Another feature designed to combat dangerous apps is ‘App Alert’. This works by scanning apps and ranking them based on the extent of their access to sensitive, private data. App Alert also monitors what websites other installed apps are interacting with. Should you take exception to the workings of any scanned app, you can simply remove them from your device.

McAfee Mobile Security also offers protection in several other forms. The app scans all other software on a device in search of viruses and malware that could corrupt a device. These can come in the form of installed files, files downloaded from the internet, text messages and even media cards. McAfee Mobile Security also works for prevention as well as cure by protecting web browsers from suspicious sites and phishing scams.

The software suite also helps with real-world threats such as theft and loss. Should you lose your phone, you can activate the ‘screamer’ which should audibly alert you of its location. You could also try and track down your device’s location by using McAfee’s Web Portal. If you think your phone has been stolen, you can take a different approach. You can lock all of your data (a service already offered by some providers) or you can take it one step further and lock the device to your current sim card. This prevents the thief from simply swapping the sim to avoid detection.

This update represents the growing interest in the mobile security market. As more and more people switch to mobile and tablet devices for web browsing use, more robust security solutions are required to protect internet users from viruses, malware and scams. McAfee Mobile Security retails for $29.99 on Android’s Google Play marketplace. Similar solutions are also available from developers such as Lookout, Webroot and Avast.