Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C launching as early as tomorrow?


Apple is prepping for the launch of a cheaper 8GB variant of its ‘unapologetically plastic’ iPhone 5C in a bid to attract low-tier budget-savvy customers who may find iPhone 4S hardware slightly outdated.

Reports of the 8GB iPhone 5C emerged from German wireless carrier o2 which listed the handset for €509 ($707) – a marked €60 lower than the current price of 16GB iPhone 5C retailing at €569 ($791). The information was first published by German blog

An 8GB version of the iPhone 5C would almost certainly be given free to customers on 2 year contract, but this leaves operators in a rather confusion situation as they already are giving 8GB iPhone 4S for free. Further, an 8GB version of the iPhone 4 is already on sale in India and China and this instigates questions on whether the speculated 8GB iPhone 5C will be launched in these countries or not.

Apple may be looking at streamlining its offerings, which are currently fragmented, with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S. Striking out iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S from the equation and bringing in an 8GB version of iPhone 5C does make sense, but that may not sit well with those looking for a metallic finish handset.

If Apple is indeed launching low-tier iPhone 5C in Germany, there is nothing stopping Cupertino from launching the handset in other parts of the world, but we aren’t in a position to speculate.