What do iOS 7, Google Glass, the iPhone 5, iWatch and Yves Saint Laurent have in common?


What do iOS 7, the iPhone 5, iWatch and Yves Saint Laurent have in common?The iPhone 5 and iOS 7 are examples of Apple’s penchant for putting design and user considerations first so it comes as no surprise for Apple to turn to the fashion world for some expert help. Apple announced that it has hired Paul Deneve to be a special projects director reporting directly to the company’s CEO, Tim Cook.

Deneve was formerly president of Yves Saint Laurent where fashion is king, the wearable kind that is.

And wearable is one of the key buzzwords in tech today with Google Glass already rolling out as well as the intriguing iWatch which Apple is attempting to trademark around the world.

In the wearable world Apple considers fashion extremely important. The younger generation doesn’t wear much on their wrists these days and glasses are still ok only if Lasik surgery or contacts don’t work out. That’s why fashion will play a huge role in whether these new products catch on.

The wearable trend is not simply an add-on to existing product lines but a probable direction for existing kinds of technology to morph towards a more physical utility model.  Integration between device and eyes, mouths, ears, hands and physical location has enormous potential benefit.

What happens on the inside of a device has always been fascinating but getting stuff into the device and out of it makes all the difference in the world. That’s why voice recognition, hand gestures, eye focus and eye movement are the newest rage in the world of input/output.