Mars’ photo said to reveal alien ship, underground bunker, more


NASA released a picture of Endeavour Crater from the “Murray Ridge” snapped by its Opportunity rover last year and beyond the beautiful landscape, an alien hunter has claimed that there are evidence that suggest presence of alien ship, underground bunker, house like structures and more.

André R. Gignac, an avid UFO enthusiast and alien hunter has revealed that the image has clues that points to a range of things that NASA and US government are potentially hiding. Analysis of the photo reveals close-by presence of an alien ship in front of a solid structure built in the rock on the crater’s rim, which he claims is the entrance to an undergound bunker.

Further, Gignac also claims that on the crater’s floor there appears to be some sort of a base comprising of housing structures, and a deployment of missiles and rockets. He further claimed that burst of flame is clearly visible from the alien ship, while the rockets, missiles and housing structures are deployed in a circle.

This analysis comes a day after another claim by Gignac that the photo shows evidence of an underground bunker with a huge panoramic window like structure.

  • andre r. gignac

    Well, here we go. Thanks for publishing that photo. What has been repeated all over the Internet is just amazing. Supposedly I claimed that there were “armed people in the window”. I never said that; that there was a “hidden army on Mars”, I never said that. On some sites now I have become a “scientist”. I am not, and I have never claimed to be, a scientist. The lies that are repeated like a brush fire on the Internet about these findings are just unbelievable. I understand now why some people prefer to just “shut their mouth”. Not that I am about to do that. Yours,