Brits hunting for Project Free TV alternatives after ISP blockade


Multiple sites including Project Free TV, PrimeWire and Yify torrents were blocked in the UK by all major ISPs on November 22 after a court order. Users flocked to Reddit and social networking platforms to look for alternatives and vent their anger.

Obtaining block orders in the UK has become more or less like a walk in the park lately as ISPs have stopped objecting to blockades. Back in October, multiple torrent sites including SumoTorrent, ExtraTorrent, IsoHunt and MisterTorrent were blocked by ISPs in the UK on behest of orders from the court or PIPCU. As it stands as many as 33 sites have been blocked in the UK including The Pirate Bay, BitSnoop, Torrentz, 1337x, Fenopy, H33T, and KickAssTorrents among others.

Regular users of Project Free TV are claiming that the blockade is purely based on financial interests. “lets face it,if the UK government cant tax it,it then becomes illegal,this is and will always be about greed,nothing else” commented Alexandria Taurus, one of our readers. “The internet is meant to be a place full of sharing information & we all pay for those internet licenses anyway when will the moneybags draw the line!” commented another.

With Project Free TV blocked, users are either looking for alternatives or ways to circumvent the blockade. There are those who are recommending use of paid VPN services to access blocked sites, while others are recommending use of browser extensions that would encrypt their traffic making it undetectable by ISPs.

Further, there are those who are recommending use of special purpose browsers like Pirate Browser meant to circumvent ISP blockades. Proxy sites have also been recommended, but others have argued that as streaming is involved, they might not perform as well as other alternatives.

Some have even recommended switching their ISPs other than the big four. “Switch to an ISP that isn’t one of the “big four” (BT (retail), Virgin media, Sky broadband or Talk-Talk) I’m with a different subsidiary of BT group (plusnet) and they’re not subject to the same legal requirement to block sites”, said Redditor Ch13fWiggum.

Some have even managed to find alternative domain names to the ones that have been blocked. For example YIFY-torrents have quite a few alternative domains with different suffixes that haven’t been blocked yet.

  • Mel

    I’m sooo annoyed!! I use to watch everything here!! I watched breaking bad, south park, glee, movies!! OMG!! Now how am I suppose to watch all the american tv shows???

  • -Matthew ? Carr-

    Meh, PFTV with Hidemyass works… just have to get the source code for the vids and visit the host site,,, just a speed hump if anything… happened a few times before. PFTV just changes the URL and gets around the block.

  • Rich Southby

    Netflix I guess. I think many people will end up going there. Well played, internet…

  • Jemma Tasker

    Yeah but honestly, Netflix don’t even have some of the programmes which I want to watch, it’s redicilous.

  • Rich Southby

    True, I love PFTV too. Was never going to last forever though, always knew it would go down eventually.

  • mountain1985

    if you can be bothered theres plenty of ways around this. you just have to look into it. I’ve found a number of plug ins and browers that encrypt data as described above to prevent service providers from knowing what your looking at. I would list them here but thats how project free tv got in trouble in the first place. too many people knew about it and started spreading the word. someone up top was bound to notice eventually. Just saying there is plenty of ways around it. China has been suffering blocked site problems for years and plenty over there still manage. Still though even though I’ve managed to get around this I’m definately changing supplier to an internet provider that doesn’t block sites like the ones listed above. The big ones want to block sites at will, then they will no longer have my money.

  • Pete

    Mel, watch it on I prefer it to project free tv anyway!

  • michaael

    just download open vpn client and get a free vpn server from vpnbook it work unblock everything

  • unicorns

    tubeplus is being blocked too :(

  • Devast8nDiscoDave

    Grab ZenMate, problem sorted.

  • Michael-James Ball

    I live in the UK and Project Free TV still works fine for me.

  • Michael-James Ball

    tubeplus hasn’t been blocked yet

  • the muffin man

    i watched the whole season of weeds on project free tv and i enjoy the daily show most weeks when i can david cameron your a cock ! lets stop the memberships to the bullingdon club and see how he likes that its the fucking %1 they screw you with the energy prices and now theyre screwing us with the one thing that is meant to be equal for all. rich people i hope you choke on that caviar

  • T3k

    I completely disagree with the uk isp’s blocking project free tv, and so I just thought I’d share something with you guys. If you download opera you can just set it into offroad mode which uses various proxies in order for opera to improve its web browsing speed, so I use the offroad mode for viewing project free tv, and the speed dial is especially handy for instantly accessing any tv sites. This method is handy as hell especially as there is nothing else to install and not only that but it’s trustworthy as well

  • T3k

    just had to add, if you install adblock to your opera then your sorted :)

  • Brett Dowds

    This a joke. Wait and you see the U.K will probably block Youtube next. I don’t see the harm in projectfree as all the shows have all ready been aired on TV and there is plenty of ads on the site so what does that pay for? The paid sites are okay but you need to wait forever for new series and new seasons of shows!

  • DopAdministrador

    Also exists that is like Yify Torrents but for watch online with the same quality.

  • missdance

    Awesome tip, thanks

  • Phil

    If your having trouble using 1Channel etc the best answer i have is a guy from the UK selling wireless routers with built in VPN’s!!! When you get the router you connect the VPN router to your home router via LAN cable then connect what ever you want to go through the VPN to the new router!

    When you buy you just tell him what VPN you want weather its a US one or somewhere else in the world. Best bit of money i’ve spent…have no buffering nothing – highly suggest this. Saves all the problems, plus the VPN’s are all high speed ones so no lag nothing…total brilliant. When i want an American IP address on my Apple TV or iPad i just connect to the VPN router and when i want to go back to a UK IP address i just connect to my home router!

    1Channel fully back working and everything else… no need to the crappy proxy to put up with that hardly ever works!!!

    Want more info message me!

  • The Film Guy

    ummm! Right! as much as I disagree with the blocking of these ISPs and as someone who uses them all the time to watch my favourite shows. It is worth pointing out that it is ILLEGAL for us to watch these shows. It is ILLEGAL because we are watching links to uploaded content that is protected by worldwide copyright. Yes you are correct its about money! But not money for this government you numpty its about money for the production companies, studios and networks who make the shows. They loose money on DVD sales etc.

    The reality is that people like NETFLIX have it sussed. People don’t mind paying to watch if the price is fair and they can watch it whenever they want without ad’s! Same with Spotify for music. Fear not though TV and Film lovers. It is merely a matter of time before the rest of the industry wakes up and starts doing exactly as I said, providing us with content when we want it, for a fair price.

    That’s all Folks

  • Medusa

    It has now!

  • DatPerson

    ZenMate’ privacy policy is in German, I can’t read German. Who knows if this software can be trusted or not?

  • Darren Walby

    I live in the UK and I cant get project free tv :( unhappy

  • Darren Walby

    thing is, if a program is being shown on ITV or Channel 4 or 5 then it’s not the veiwer whose paying for it anyway

  • Eli Comber

    Yawn. Its illegal still to rip a music CD is some countries.
    Stop living in 2001 and get real

  • Eli Comber

    Intelligent guy just walked into the room and speaks. Its tv . its free. Paid for by advertisers.

  • SweetDoug

    This is about freedom and liberty.

    The forces that wish to oppose them, are going to fully reveal themselves in the future. The near future.

    TPTB and the TBTF are furious and scared of the future. The want control. They will not lose it.

    It’s going to be rough, either way, as the new world sorts this out, but I’d rather have a bottom up solution, where I choose, with liberty and freedom, rather than have it imposed upon me, from the top down.

    This is part of the question we’re going to have to answer in the bigger theme of, “Can we live as free men?”.

    Sounds kind of over-the-top for this issue, but is it really?

    When does this similar type of treatment spill over into the idea of where we buy our energy?

    Can you imagine if you folks in the UK, get access to cheap, abundant, renewable, home-based energy, the foot-stomping TPTB will pull, to close the gates behind you?

    It’s EXACTLY the same issue.

    Think deeply, about when it crosses the line for you, and what you’ll do about it.


  • Mark Stephen Hutchinson

    try this folks…..

  • fpb

    if you go google the zenmate add on for google chrome it allows access to all of the blocked sites as it bypasses the ISPS

  • 420Friendly

    It is January 7, 2014 and I am in London watching … so long as their focus is money, they will never be smarter and will always be 5 steps behind 😛 :-) 😉

  • 420Friendly

    PS: Billy Elliott is AMAZING!! A-MAZE-ING…it had me in tears!

  • sunshineboy200

    Hi can you hook me up with this. My email addy is [email protected]

  • Jahar

    Brilliant, it actually works! Thanks so much!!

  • Guest

    do what T3k said, it works, i’ve literally just downloaded Opera and i’m watching Project Free TV again! :)

  • Jahar

    Do what T3k said, it works, I’ve literally just downloaded Opera and I’m watching Project Free TV again! :)

  • Mickey Mouska

    Why is everyone a criminal these days?

  • Mickey Mouska

    Why does everyone want something for nothing these days? Why does everyone want to steal? This world is getting disgusting.

  • Kayeb2

    Cheers 4 that tip mate. It worked straight away. Nice 1 !!!

  • Kayeb2

    Cheers 4 that tip mate. It worked straight away. Nice 1 !!!

  • Dennis Michael Bean

    Wow, England is turning into a prison. Cameras are installed everywhere, half of the internet is blocked, weapons are unobtainable. Watch out guys, soon you’ll be living in 1984.

  • louise

    Will they now unblock as UK are only demanding broadband suppliers to send 4 warning letters to customers then do nothing? Starting 2015

  • overit

    Most people don’t consider being able to murder one another at will a prerequisite to a free society. But thanks for playing.

  • yatesh

    Thanks T3k your awesome i now have Sons of anarchy back!!

  • Brigitte

    Please can someone tell me how i configure “offroad” in Opera settings!

  • obadiahorthodox

    I use Tunnel Bear and pay $4.99 a month and get unlimited data, it gives me an IP # from whatever country I choose, that is how I can watch UK TV from the United States via Japan

  • Abbas

    Hi Mark pftv again in problem can you please check and tell some solution please. Just becasue of you mate, we enjoyed a year